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There has been a transition from the typical 9-5 employee, to a different type of worker: the freelance worker. With the workforce landscape taking such a dramatic turn in the past years, employees are feeling more empowered to work wherever and on whatever they choose. 

While employees are cropping up in freelance positions across the globe, employers need to keep up to date on this transition and prepare themselves for the eventuality of hiring a freelance worker.

Hiring A Freelancer

Whether you are looking for fresh talent to add to your existing full-time staff, or need to hire a term employee to help with job overload – hiring a freelancer to assist with projects will be extremely beneficial to your bottom line. Think of it this way; a freelancer provides additional resources to your team that will increase productivity and make your job easier.

You Will Save Money

If the price tag on individual freelance work has stopped you from seeking freelancers, you need to adjust your perspective. Often the sticker price for jobs that freelancers quote is much higher than what you would pay an internal staff member to complete. However, when you hire a freelancer, you are only paying them for the work they complete. Period. 

You are not responsible for the roof over their heads, matching 401k contributions or paying for conversations at the watercooler. A freelancer rate seems like you are paying more than your full-time staff, but a freelancer saves you in the long run since they are not under the umbrella of your overhead costs. Also, many of them may be more experienced in the niche you are hiring them for – which will increase output and save you both money and time. 

“A hired freelancer is not burdened by the interpersonal relationships within the office or anything that may get in the way of office-related productivity.”

You Will Save Time

How often have you walked in on some of your in-house employees talking about the latest hit tv series, or seen them searching through their social media feed throughout the day? Many full-time employees spend a lot of time during their workdays, well, not working. 

A hired freelancer is not burdened by the interpersonal relationships within the office or anything that may get in the way of office-related productivity. They are responsible for the specific deliverables you are paying them for. Most freelancers get their work done quickly, proficiently and always with the hope that you will hire them for future jobs. 

You Will Build Strong Relationships

Most freelancers are a one-man-band. Because of this, they have to play every instrument. An individual freelancer is both the marketer and the powerhouse behind the work, and a successful freelancer will strive to produce top-notch work to receive repeat business. 

A capable freelancer understands their niche, can produce great content, and if you build and foster a relationship, will produce for you consistent work at an agreed-upon price. If you work on a relationship with your freelancers, you will always have a group of strong, creatives at your disposal. Having these folks in your corner if you ever need them, can only be good for your business – especially if you have an influx of new client work, or a full-timer is taking advantage of some well-earned vacation time! 

Freelancers Are Not Free

Whatever hangups you may have to not hire a freelancer – you should revisit them. As a business owner, there are only so many hours in the day to build content for clients. Imagine if some of that time was spent building new relationships with prospective clients, while a freelancer helped you with the content or social media exposure? Sometimes, you need to spend money to make money, and hiring a freelancer may be just the extra push you need to land that big client.

These days, there is a freelancer for everything under the sun. Just remember that not all freelancers are created equal. You need to do your due diligence as an employee and find a freelancer who fulfills your project needs and is also a good personality fit for you and your business.


Julie Simpson

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