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Goodbye Current Me. You Will Not Be Missed.

When I was building out Spilled Coffee Content, I remember looking at other websites for inspiration. One website I looked at was a good friend of mine, who had already been in the business for years and was crazy successful. But, after a few minutes of scrolling through her site, I realized that her blogs were not current, and she didn’t have many updated portfolio pieces. I was shocked to see how outdated things were, so, being inquisitive, but probably just nosey, I asked her why. 

Where Is Your Updated Content? 

Her response was this, “I have absolutely no time for that website. You will see.” At the time, I thought she was crazy. I couldn’t imagine that the website I was working on, the one I was toiling over for hours and hours on end, would ever sit dormant, untouched, or not updated by me. 

How would I impress or get clients if they couldn’t see my products and services through my website? An unwritten blog section for a business that offers blog writing? Totally unprofessional and super lame. I would NEVER do that. 

And Yet I Did

Flashforward two years and my current blog has three articles. THREE. I also don’t think that I have any social media accounts or any other pieces of content floating out in the digital space. I’m simply a URL with some content and a few portfolio pieces. So, while Past me would be mortified and almost embarrassed at the lack of my own content, Current me gets it.

Current Me Is Busy

She is busy writing content for other people, so they can grow their brands and get a foothold in their market. Current me spends her time researching keywords. Current me is building content briefs and digging through technical SEO. Current me is writing content about how to clean toilet bowls the natural way, and cryptocurrency and NFTs – and Current me could go on and on…but Current me needs to go away.

Current Me Needs To Become Future Me 

With the new year coming up, most people are making plans and setting goals, and I think Future me will join them. Future me is going to impress Current me, and Past me. Future me is going to write content for her own business and she is going to promote herself and build her own darn footholds. Future me has got it going ON – and you should join! 

What Me Are You?

Are you a Past me, a Current me, or a Future me? Have you focused so hard on producing work and just spinning those wheels that you have forgotten your own business? Have you stopped putting effort, money, or time into your own resources? Are you outdated? 

If you feel personally attacked by these questions, then join the club. Because Current me suddenly feels as if they let down Past me, and that just can’t do.

So let’s change this feeling and set some goals for next year. Let’s reprioritize and focus on our own business for a change. Set some time aside to write, promote, and love our own businesses because you need that. All the versions of you need it. 

But I think that my Future me needs to start today.

So here we go. 



Julie Simpson

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